Making the Best Out of Your Garbage for Creative Home Décor

Do you ever have those thoughts when you hesitate to throw something in the trash that says, “Hey, this might be useful in an art project!” I stopped throwing things away whenever I hear that voice and now I got some pretty nifty home-made art pieces that add to the style and comfort of my home.

Let’s think of all the things the average household throws out on a yearly bases and what we could make artistically if we saved a lot of those things. One little thing I’ve been saving is the ends of incense sticks after I burn them because, who knows, with a bit of glue, some canvas and some paint those little sticks could make for a cool miniature fence or hut to make a 3D effect on my painting.

As I write this I realized there are still so many things I could make art from that we throw out every day that I haven’t even realized yet. The potential, with creativity as the driving force, is unlimited. They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and it’s true especially if the guy has a creative eye out for making cool home décor pieces.

Even an old garbage can lid, if flattened out a bit, might make a nice canvas for a painting so to speak, and after painting a landscape on it you could hang it above the garage door for a rustic appeal. Or suppose that’s the last thing you’d do because you’re already coming up with some great ideas yourself.

Think of all the ways some garbage could become useful in your creative art projects. Having a little space in your home where you collect these things, so you can ponder and get creative with some arts and crafts whenever the inspiration comes, is how I love to spend some quiet afternoons. The thinks you can make in a few hours with some new idea is pretty amazing.

Have fun with it!