Why I love designing

I love designing because most people have horrible taste in fashion, frankly. I think a worlds without designers would be horrible. We’re not appreciated enough. Imagine if Joe Bob from next door designed everything in the world! No wonder people need faith in God. Nature is so wonderful humans can’t possibly imitate him? Pfft! The most beautiful things in the world were slowly degraded and turned ugly by nature’s wrath, like medieval cathedrals losing bricks and the streets of Paris needing pressure washing. Nature can be pretty, but it also destroys beauty if you leave it to its course, and produces things more hideous than Lovecraft’s monsters.

To say all this more politely, I love designing because it’s the keystone of human creativity at it’s most useful function. Unlike paintings and books, designers give real world function to objects like architecture, shoes and stuff we physically use in the world everyday.

If you’re a designer then I love you unconditionally because we need more of you.

Much love!